Wish List



Ruth Fyfe Elementary

Ruth Fyfe Elementary school was in need of new text books.  Their text books were eleven years old.  Mrs. Kuperberg, a teacher from Ruth Fyfe Elementary school submitted a Wish on our Wish List and they received brand new Journey's Reading Series books for their entire school.  The Charles Marshall Foundation also provided their school with back packs, new school uniforms, printer cartriges and toner, and tons of school supplies.  Their school was so thrilled they gave The Charles Marshall Foundation an assembly with the entire school.  The Charles Marshall Foundation received a beautiful plaque, beautiful books made from all the students by grade level, songs were sung by the students, and a huge banner.  Pricipal Monica Lang had a video made for The Charles Marshall Foundation by the students and their mascot was there to meet and greet. 

Thank you from Ruth Fyfe students