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Green Valley High School Theatre Donation

A Million Kinds of Love is a show that Green Valley High School theatre students wrote through the Lovewell process. Lovewell is an organization that believes in the arts and wants to teach students all aspects of theatre. The story was written to inspire students and to teach them how to love and not hate by bullying.

Jennifer Hemme, a teacher at Green Valley High School, approached The Charles Marshall Foundation and asked if we could help in their efforts in supporting anti-bullying by supporting their play. The Charles Marshall Foundation provided airfare for the teachers from Lovewell so the students could learn the process.

The play looks at the ideas of change, acceptance, respect, and love through the eyes of an elderly woman looking back through four generations of family. The name of the woman they chose was Mary, after our Aunt Mary Q. Marshall; and her husband in the play is Charles, named after our Uncle Charles. We were teary-eyed when they announced the names they were using in such an inspirational play.


Thank you to Green Valley High School for their hard work and beautiful creation.

Green Valley Thank you