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City of Las Vegas Cultural Arts Hamlet Performance and Appreciation

The Charles Marshall Foundation provided 300 Hamlet books for middle and high school Clark County School District students.Teachers reviewed these books with their students so they could attend a live performance of the play. The City of Las Vegas Theatre Specialist Joe O'Neill brought the Utah Shakespeare Festival's touring theatrical group to perform live for these students as part of an Arts Connection Program. After the performance the students were able to speak with the performers and have a question and answer session. The students absolutley loved the play. The performance was beautifully performed and had a slight emphasis of anti-bullying. Job well done!
After the performance The Charles Marshall Foundation was recognized by the City of Las Vegas for our generous donation of 300 copies of the Hamlet book to Clark County School District students. We were very privledged for partnering with the Clark County School District and the City of Las Vegas to encourage education through performing arts! We are so thankful!